Inside the All For One Project:
Meet the Collaborating Partners

Australia: Circus Nexus

Circus Nexus (formerly Westside Circus) is a unique not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, dedicated to using creative approaches to grow the mental and physical health of young people and support the growth and diversity of the Melbourne circus sector.
We provide experiences that prepare young people from varied social, economic and cultural backgrounds for an unknowable future by building their creative, emotional and physical literacy. We also support the growth and diversity of the circus sector, providing employment and support for circus and performing arts professionals and pathways for young people into creative arts careers.

Germany: Kulturlife

WHO WE ARE: Kulturlife is a non-profit organization for intercultural exchange, founded in 1995, with headquarters in Kiel, Germany. Number of staff: 17 Annual budget: 2,5 mio Euro Funding from: European Union, participant fees, ministry of economic cooperation Kulturlife is at present in a restructuring phase, looking for a way to shift ownership from the present owner, Martin Elbeshausen, to a new form of steward ownership, such as a foundation. Apart from our various youth exchange activities with about 1,000 participants per year, we are very active in different projects to promote international understanding and intercultural dialogue and competence development.


IFALL, Integration För Alla

IFALLIntegration För Alla, the Swedish partner,is volunteer-based organization. The main objective of the organization is to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures in Sweden and in another countries. With culture we mean Individual.  In this way we would like state that we are not only working with integration of refugees but also we are working with integration of cultures in different level.

Turkey Faal Dernegi

FAAL, the Turkish partner, is situated in the Kecioren area which has a lot of young people. The organization has board and most of the board member are between 20 – 25. Organization founded at the end of 2013. FAAL is working with Keciören Municipality, schools and other youth organizations in its environment in order to increase impact. The main purpose of the organization is to empower youth who can take active role in the society. Active citizenship, social inclusion, integration of disadvantage groups are main activities. The mission of FAAL is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation.

South Africa: Amy Foundation.

At Leeds Beckett University we are committed to building our reputation and research profile, both nationally and internationally as stated in our Strategic Plan. With over 600 academic staff members are able to cover a wide range of research disciplines. In the last Research Assessment Exercise, the ‘quality, reach and significance of our research was rated as ‘world-class’ across all four of our faculties.

We are continuing to expanded enhance our research base through our institutions and learning center’s, creating a strong and sustainable research environment for our staff and students.

We have strong commercial links, and our research is applied directly to those Industries, by giving practical solutions and innovations to businesses.

We  to the local economy through education, research, and knowledge transfer Leeds Beckett University provides youth
work courses.

UK: Leeds Beckett University.

The Amy Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers programmes to develop and empower two distinct target groups, children, and youth, living in the challenged and vulnerable communities within the Western Cape of South Africa. There are huge inadequacies in the schools and communities in which we work.

The Amy Foundation was founded in1998, after the death of a volunteer
American student, Amy Biehl, on the dawn of South African democracy, Amy worked on the new Constitution and Women’s Rights.

On 25 August 1993, her life was tragically ended in an act of political mob
violence in the Gugulethu Township just outside of Cape Town.

Today the Foundation is truly South African and has built itself into a credible, transparent and well-run South African NPO.

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